Thirteen Kinds of Deaths of Private Steel Enterprises

1, the gambling market. In the short-term bears, the bears fell all the way to make up for their losses.
Wuxi LM company. From the mid-board of 4200, 3800 fills, 3600 fills, all the way to make up to 3200, trays make up. For more than 10 years, the company finally made up for it.

2, high leverage of factories and trading companies
a Factory expansion. Four trillion came out and the factory expanded to death. Some are active, some are blind, and passive zoom in on leverage.
There are old production lines. After 4 trillion yuan in 10 years, no matter if China already has excess production capacity, it will expand new production lines.
In two considerations, one is that the old production line can continue to make money, and the new line is expected to make money. Second, loans are very easy. Shadow banks are also convenient. Banks even seek corporate loans, and their status is high.
If some production lines require 500 million yuan for completeness and result in a loan of 300 million yuan or so, they encounter a bank loan, and a smooth road ahead becomes a broken road.
The reverse example is Tianjin RC. After 2009, there was basically no large-scale expansion except the construction of a new blast furnace.
b. High leverage of trading companies.
Tianjin RY, courageous, hope to get rich overnight, the first financing in the officer, and then go make money. Instead of making money first, go slowly.
Trade traders in Fujian were highly leveraged and the market fell. The losses were heavy, the lids couldn’t hold back, and the dominoes collapsed.

3, short-term long-term investment, capital is easy to take a tight, capital chain breaks.
a Shanghai MC, investing in real estate in the Northeast, the result of the local real estate into the ice valley.
b Shanghai ZY, the equity investment in Ping Steel and Chenzhou Bank, was later caught in an equity dispute and was detained by Pingfang University for more than 20 months in Pingxiang Public Security Bureau. The funds were tight and several hundred million assets were wiped out.

4, diversification, a transition to another surplus industry, engage in death. For example, XX invested N million Dongying tires. A company in Baotou may invest in the real estate of Erdos with the mayor. Diversification, waste of time, energy, no focus on the main business. The sideline does not make money, does not make big money, and the main business is also delayed.
a Hubei ZC, 14 15 years the market is not good, the boss spent money to invest in KTV, to do a partnership, the result is a bad economy, KTV is not as good as before, do not make money. I went to stocks myself and lost millions.
The main business does not have the mind, does not grasp it well, does not have the heart to follow, and the main business is also in a mess.
Even rented warehouses don’t want to rent anymore. After some of the final goods are processed, they look at the warehouses empty and their wealth evaporates. It seems that they have returned to the point where they had nothing more than a few years ago.
b Jinan ST.
Diversified, opened cafe, Sichuan restaurant to meet personal hobbies. In fact, the turnover is only less than 2%, but I estimate that it takes up 15% of the boss’s energy. The personnel arrangements in the restaurant must be taken care of.

5, Upstream and downstream assets, capital chain breaks.
Anyang, Henan Province. The divestment to state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises failed to make timely payments, and more than 20 million to 40 million was owed several years. Finally, the TY boss also-ran.
Traders donated too much to the steel mills. Shanghai trader to ST.

6, illegal crimes.
aHZ evaded tax stamps. He was judged by the detective to think that he was on the top of the hierarchy and improperly tried to harass economic investigation. He was sentenced to 11 years.
b The Shanghai SFF was forced to work with female subordinates and the defendant raped her.
Invoices, loan issues, and bribery problems have caused companies to outperform.

7, do futures and die.
A large number of traders feel tired in the spot market, shut down the spot, and move to futures. With a spirit of unyielding, after several years of hard work, even after selling a few houses, they are also investing in futures, and finally, they have nothing.

8, The information was closed. It did not keep up with the times.
Jiangyin FT. The boss will not use a computer, will not use a smartphone, know nothing about the outside information.
The warehouse built by myself was not known when the family of Hangzhou TX went bankrupt. At that time, it was strongly recommended to pick up the goods and refund them. Old-fashioned, not too transformational, and not too absorbing talents are also the reasons why many companies are slowly declining and quit.
In the Shandong Luzhong area, many boss computers were found to be inoperable. The company’s inventory was booked by hand, and the external information could be very limited.

9, business model. Or to be short and fast, turn around quickly.
Long-term sales, the market fell rapidly. There was a warehouse plunge but did not expect. General G, foreign minerals imported, prices plummeted, and Beijing’s houses were sold for 15 years. Finally achieved the first defeat, selling the home business

10, guarantee each other, the whole army annihilated.
Tianjin big families, guaranteeing each other, burned together.
The big families are dead. No one can think of the consequences of the collapse of the dominoes.
Among them, the Tianjin XX boss said that as early as knowing to transfer part of the money, do not have money completely behind, even the house is too late to sell. I asked how to transfer, he replied: XXOOXXOO.

11. Management confusion. There are too many insects.

12. Organized by the government.

Electric furnace plant, according to statistics, all 120 million of the country has been eliminated. It is estimated that there will be no production license in the later period, and small steel mills without environmental permits will usher in a new storm.

13, industry profits are too low, take the initiative to give up.
As a result, in the era of excess industries, it was difficult to do business and many traps were trapped.

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